Soil disinfectorSoil disinfectorSoil disinfector
Soil disinfectorSoil disinfectorSoil disinfector

Soil disinfector




1.This product is a biological agents while BT bactericide as the main raw material, non-toxic, pollution-free and without residual.

2.Disinfection with obvious effect of disease prevention and duration of efficacy.

Applicative Crops

nursery, lawn, field crops, fruit trees, vegetables and such crops

Usage Method

1.Seedbed disinfection: : 0.5-1kg of the product mixed 10kg fine soil can be used to spread about 666 square meter evenly,sow after cultivated land.

2.Tree transplant: When transplanting large size trees (over 15cm), 10-20 plants can be used per bag, mix well with backfill. You can also use 1kg of this product mix with water 1.5t, and irrigate the tree roots evenly.

3.In the process of tree growth, 2-3kg of this product is used for every 666 square meter, which is sprayed evenly on the roots and then watered,then loosen the soil two days later,it can be very effective.


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