2012 Asia Pacific Chemical CAC Exhibition

December 16, 2019

From March 6 to 8, 2012, the 13th China international agricultural chemicals and plant protection exhibition (CAC) was held in Shanghai exhibition center.


As the world's largest producer and exporter of pesticides, China has become the focus of global agro-chemical distributors.

As the world's largest agrochemicals exhibition, the global agrochemical industry purchasing important platform of communication, CAC got pay special attention to the global scope of the audience, a total of 758 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, there are more than 100 countries and regions, more than 20000 professional visitors to visit the exhibition, is aimed at foreign technical event.


At the exhibition, Asia Pacific Chemical attracted the attention and consultation of many domestic and foreign customers. Managers like Lily,vicky, shirly and ruby had extensive and sincere communication with domestic and foreign customers. Asia Pacific Chemical’s original drug products were deeply supported and trusted by customers.

As a Chinese exporter, Asia Pacific Chemical has also achieved good results in this CAC exhibition.